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Complementary Therapy

Complementary Therapy at Thames Hospice

Complementary therapy can be used alongside conventional medical treatments to aid relaxation, help reduce tension and anxiety, as well as relieve some muscular problems.

We offer complementary therapy for patients and their carers at our Hospice and in patients’ homes.

Complementary therapies can:

  • Help improve quality of sleep by increasing relaxation
  • Improve the feeling of well-being by reducing any anxiousness
  • Ease symptoms of pain and improve quality of life
  • Reduce symptoms of stress and tension to increase ability to cope
  • Reduce symptoms caused by illness or treatment e.g. constipation, nausea, side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy, fatigue
  • Provide emotional stability, easing fears and anxieties

Our Complementary Therapists

All our practitioners are qualified professionals to at least a Level 3 Diploma or equivalent in aromatherapy, massage, reflexology and beauty therapies and have ongoing training to ensure our practices and therapies are in line with medical and complementary therapy developments and advancement. Our therapists are also registered with regulatory bodies and insured.

How do I access complementary therapy?

If you are a patient or carer using our services, please speak to one of our nurses or doctors about our complementary therapies.

If you are a Healthcare Professional, you can refer a patient for complementary therapy online here or call 01753 848925

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