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Bungee Jumping

Date: 8 May 2021
Start: various times
Location: Bray/Windsor
Cost: £49.00
Minimum pledge: Suggested donation £100

Windsor/Bray venue is UK Bungee Club's flagshop location as well as the most visited from jumpers all around the UK.

Situated at the side of the calming Bray Lake, once at the top you will have a few seconds to appreciate the views of the lush, green countryside which stretches for miles around before you realise just how high the 300ft platform actually is! With the size of a thirty story building between you and the ground, you will need all your courage to take the giant leap of faith as you hear the words "3, 2, 2, 1, Bungee!"

For more information, and to sign up please email us or call 01753 842121 and ask to speak to someone in the Events team.